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[02/02/20] Loyalty Rewards, Edgeville Blacklisting, Game Tutorial & Loads More!
By Raw Envy - February 02nd, 2020


This update features a lot of progress to push us closer to release. To see more of what we're working on be sure to join our Discord.

- Loyalty system: Obtain loyalty points from play time, daily rewards for logging in, with a maximum streak of 10
- Edgeville blacklisting enabled: Blacklist up to 3 players to stop attacking you in Edgeville only
- A variety of Wilderness achievements have been added (more to come in the future!)
- Added more daily events to the schedule in the events tab 
- Dorgeshuun crossbow
- Daily tasks can now be seen in the player journal
- The Granite maul is now 60% special, unless you have attached the ornate maul attachment
- Default item drag is now 10
- Wilderness hot spots - the current hotspot can be found in the player journal
- Doric will now repair and upgrade your items
- Global message for when a player obtains 99 in all skills
- Praying at the god altars at the Mages bank will now give you the respective cape
- 3rd Age pickaxe and axe can now be used for skilling and their special attacks have been added
- ::master, zerk, pure commands added for regular (instant PvP) players
- Global incense burner: Players can pay 1 million GP to light the burner, in return it offers everyone that uses it a 25% prayer XP boost
- Game tutorial to show new players around
- Bug fixes and config progress (shops etc)






Thanks for reading and I hope you like the updates!


Vitality Management Team

Vitality Private Beta
By Flnal Wlsh - January 10th, 2020


Hello Everyone,

As we are approaching towards our private beta stage, we are in need of beta testers who will be selected based off the applications. As a beta tester, you will be required to :

1. Actively spend time on the beta to provide feedback in any sense

2. Test out different content (Pking, skilling, PvMing, etc) and provide feedback

3. Report all bugs and/or areas of concern

To apply to become a beta tester, please read the #announcements channel via Discord and follow the correct format when posting your application.

You can find the discord link here: 

Note: If we become aware of any inactive members or people who aren't serious, their beta privilege's will be terminated.

Thank you,

Vitality Management