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Easter Weekend - 25% Bonus Experience, Wilderness points and 25% Store Discount!
By Raw Envy - April 09th, 2020


Hey everyone!

I hope you and your family are all well and staying safe due to the current virus spreading around the world. With it being the Easter weekend I thought I would enable 25% bonus experience, Wilderness points and add a 25% store discount code - EASTER25.

Thanks for the continued support from everyone, we're really trying to make the server the best it can be for everyone.


- The Vitality staff team 

[09/04/20] Game Updates - Inquisitors armour & mace, Donator rank scroll, Wilderness slayer buff, fixes and more!
By Raw Envy - April 08th, 2020


As the last update was slightly smaller than usual, I thought we'd get another one out straight after! Grand exchange coming real soon...

  • More raids fixes.
  • Slayer points increased from tasks.
  • When killing your Slayer task in the Wilderness there is now a chance of getting a small or medium Wilderness casket drop.
  • Buffed Wilderness boss drops even more - Callisto, Vet'ion, Scorpia and Crazy Archaeologist.
    • GP and items worth a good amount of gold increased.
    • Increased resource items drop quantities.
    • Upped Wilderness ticket drops.
    • Added large Wilderness casket drops.
  •  Make all on the crafting and smithing interfaces will now work for everyone...
  • Tormented bracelet ornament kit and Gnome scarf added to the vote points shop.
  • More items added to vote mystery boxes, more coming soon.
  • Negative clue scroll steps fixed (so if you had an issue before this should be resolved).
  • Wilderness caskets no longer give you untradables you already own,
  • PvP supply chest, Rogues castle and Chambers of Xeric has been added to the drop tables.
  • Vesta spear special attack max damage fixed.
  • Teleblock will now remain after logging out.
  • Loyalty reward claiming fixed.
  • You can now cut Zenyte shards.
  • Smite drain amount fixed.
  • The ring of wealth can now automatically pickup coin caskets!



Thanks for reading!

Vitality Management