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[30/08/20] Group ironman, challenge mode CoX, etc.
By 7 Dust - August 30th, 2020


  • The group ironman mode has been released!
    • You can form groups of 2-5 players that will only be able to trade players within their group
    • You will only have 24 hours from when you create a group initially to form your group, after that you won't be able to invite anyone else
    • You will only be able to boss together with players in your group
    • With this update, regular ironmen can no longer boss together as any kills of a monster that were attacked by more than 1 player will result in no loot
  • Challenge mode CoX has been implemented
    • To begin a challenge mode CoX raid, either click the option on the recruiting board, or on the entrance door to create a challenge mode party
    • Challenge mode has a set route every time you enter CoX that includes facing every boss/puzzle that CoX offers
    • With challenge mode, there are 2 new drops that are only available if you complete challenge mode:
      • Metamorphic dust - Allows you to change Olmlet pet into other variants such as Puppadile, Tektiny, etc.
      • Twisted ancestral kit - Allows you to change the cosmetic looks of a single piece of ancestral robes
  • Tarn's diary is no longer consumed when used on Salve amulet
  • Salve amulet (ie) now goes in the proper necklace slot
  • Seercull now works as a ranged weapon
  • Blocked tasks will now appear on the interface properly
  • Bake pie lunar spell no longer freezes your character in game
  • Regular crossbows can no longer use bolt racks
  • Blade of saelder and ring of suffering no longer lose charges on PvM deaths, including Theater of Bloods raids, etc.
  • High value drop and alchemy warning values have been implemented
  • Black chinchompas will now yield higher amounts for higher combat levels
  • Both preserve and protect item are now disabled in the riskers area (::gepvp)
  • Public items no longer despawn on instanced areas, this should fix the hammer spawn in CoX
  • Blood shard is now tradeable, note the amulet of blood fury is still not
  • Corporeal beast cave now checks for teleblock
  • Death spawns from Nechryaels can now attack in singles even if in combat again
  • Caskets for small monsters, such as rock crabs, dags, giant lobsters, etc. can now be opened
  • Looting bag no longer protect items inside of it on death
  • Great olm head will now show 0's instead of purple hit-splats to avoid confusion
  • Firemaking no longer works on first 5 levels of wilderness
  • Raid store now accepts all blunt weapons for building
  • Attack skillcape perk now works for cyclops room and can be entered without warrior guild tokens 
  • Tzaar-ket-om ornament kit is now in the vote store
  • Mithil seeds no longer prevent damage


Here's a sneak preview of the upcoming clan cup:







[13/08/20] Clan Leaderboard, Realism Mode (Releasing tomorrow!), QOL & Bug Fixes
By Raw Envy - August 13th, 2020




I hope everyone enjoys the updates, loads more coming soon! Realism is releasing tomorrow, we won't need to update the server again because we've made a command to enable it tomorrow at the time listed below. Group Ironman is nearing completion and will be released later this month and the same for the clan cup.


  • The Realism game mode is coming tomorrow at 6:30pm GMT +1 / 1:30pm EST
    • X10 experience rate in all skills in return for:
      • Custom player icon.
      • Realism player title.
      • 15% boost in NPC drops.
    • The first to max will get 300m OSRS or $600 in the store.
    • The second to max will get 100m OSRS or $200 in the store.
    • 3-5 will get $100 in the store each.


  • Clan Leaderboard:
    • You can now view the top clans in Vitality by using the normal PvP scoreboard and selecting the clan board at the top right.
    • The rankings are based upon points, not kills.
    • Kills in Edgeville = 1 point.
    • Kills in 10-30 Wilderness = 6 points.
    • Kills in 30+ Wilderness = 10 points.
    • There is a 1 hour cool down on players after getting a kill.
    • NOTE: This is only a start to the clan system we are adding. The full release of this will be ready for the start of next month, which will feature a monthly tournament with over 1-2 billion OSRS GP as rewards for the top clans. Use this time to gain members, practice your PKing and getting gear. The top 5 clans at the end of the month will be put into battle to win the MASSIVE prize pool up for grabs!


  • Other Updates:
    • All game modes now have a more comprehensive description, including their experience rates.
    • ::xprate will now show the correct combat experience rates for all game modes.
    • Player icons will now display next to your name in the chatbox.
    • New players will now once again be added to the 'vitality' clan chat upon joining.
    • Various Grand Exchange fixes.
    • Grand Exchange item price averages.
    • Invisible NPC spawning in the Inferno sometimes has been fixed.
    • Granite maul fixes.
    • Vengeance damage when a player is killed has been fixed.
    • PID changes.
    • The PvP scoreboard interface has been revamped.
    • Battle mages loot increased.
    • Demonic Gorilla's drop rate increased.
    • Ironman icon added to the Ironman shop.
    • Arcane spirit shield protect value increased.
    • Taking protect item off no longer lets you attack players with risk protection on if you don't have enough risk.
    • A warning is now displayed when dropping expensive items.
    • The mages book can now be purchase from the Wilderness points shop.
    • Wintertodt damage no longer resets actions.
    • Toggle added to the quest tab for disabled autochat.
    • Ring of wealth drop % bonus increased.
    • Wilderness bosses now drop the top 8 challengers with the most damage.
    • Vorkaths head drop on 50th kill.
    • Crumble undead fix.
    • TOB fixes.
    • COX fixes.

Thanks for reading,

Vitality Management