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[22/10/20] Game Updates - Halloween event, Player titles revamp and more!
By Raw Envy - October 23rd, 2020



I hope everyone is doing great and that you enjoy the latest batch of updates! Mobile is now being tested and we are preparing it for release. 

  • The Halloween event is live!
    • The Jack Lantern mask has been added to the store for a limited time only.
    • The grave digger can be found at home and will trade in any pumpkins you obtain from Wilderness slayer tasks and killing players!
    • The Grim Reaper has come to haunt any players that perish in the Wilderness...
    • You can view the Halloween event from the drop table viewer.


  • Player titles revamp!
    • A new interface has been added for managing and previewing player titles.
    • Various categories added for different type of title unlocks.
    • More titles coming soon, along with the custom title scroll!


  • Other updates:
    • When killing players inside an instanced PvP area you will now respawn in the instance.
    • You can now teleport out of PvP instances with various commands correctly (before it would check Wilderness level).
    • PID no longer swaps in the duel arena.
    • PID swapping now occurs less frequently.
    • AGS special attack nerfed slightly.
    • Dragon claws special attack buffed slightly.
    • Granite maul fixes.
    • The ring of Suffering (r) can now be imbued.
    • Menagerie room withdraw pets fix
    • Phoenix necklace fix for it not being destroyed.
    • Dice bag can no longer be used to stall damage.
    • Larrans keys only drops in the Wilderness now.
    • Raid storage can now be built with statius war hammer.



Thanks for reading,

Vitality Management

October Donation Deals
By Raw Envy - October 05th, 2020


Hey everyone!

Just a quick announcement to let everyone know that we have enabled some donation deals for the entire month. We have noticed that we haven't done any donation deals for a long time (or at all, apart from the occasional coupon code), and to show our appreciation for anyone that decides to donate to help us improve the server is the least we can do! 

Vitality reinvests the vast majority of donations back into improving the server - advertisements and development costs are not cheap. So thank you to everyone and here are this months donation bonuses:

  • When claiming a $50+ donation you will receive 50 free donator points.
  • When claiming a $100+ donation you will receive 150 free donator points.
  • When claiming a $250+ donation you will receive 400 free donator points.
  • When claiming a $500+ donation you will receive 1000 free donator points.
  • When claiming a $1000+ donation you will receive 3000 free donator points.

Thanks for reading.

Vitality Management