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[26/03/20] Game Updates - PvP armour & weapons, Prayer switching plugin, Wilderness bosses loot buff, fixes and more!
By Raw Envy - March 26th, 2020


Here's the next load of updates for you guys. Please note that the Wilderness boss drops buff is only half finished, I'd still like to add some more items and such but ran out of creativity later today and you guys wanted the update out now!

  • PvP armour and weapons are now a possible reward from the giant Wilderness caskets - these are randomly dropped from killing players and have a drop rate of 1 in 200.
  • The position of prayer icons can now be moved around from the Runelite plugin.
  • Wilderness bosses drops have been buffed - Callisto, Vet'ion, Crazy Archaeologist and Scorpia (this will be improved even more in the next update).
  •  The following items are now lost on death and can be traded:
    • Abyssal Volcanic whip
    • Abyssal Frozen whip
    • Blessed Saradomin sword
    • All imbued rings
    • Toxic staff of the dead
    • Seperntine helmets
  • Invisible NPCs should no longer spawn in the Inferno (pleas let us know if this hasn't been fixed).
  • The agility shortcut near Hydra now works.
  • Dragon thrownaxe id has been corrected in the shop so it will now work.
  • Seed pod glitch where you could get hit after teleporting is fixed.
  • Hydra boss should no longer use as many special attacks
  • Red skull bug fixed which might of caused players to lose items.
  • Silver crafting added, so you can now create tiaras.
  • Potential fix for the Wilderness boss event spawning the wrong boss.
  • Lowe clue step fixed.
  • Runecrafting pouches should be functional again.
  • Not being able to fish sharks without Barbarian fishing requirements has been fixed.
  • You can now load item presets past the Wilderness ditch.
  • The day and week ending in feature now works on the Wilderness PvP scoreboard.
  • You can no longer gain Defence experience in the PvP tournaments.
  • Mystery boxes now display a counter for the amount of boxes you have opened.




Thanks for reading!

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Player Passwords
By Raw Envy - March 26th, 2020

Hey everyone,

Just a quick announcement to everyone as a reminder to update your password, especially if you have used it on any other servers. You can change your game password by doing ::changepass and then it will prompt you to enter your new password.

The next update should be with you guys tomorrow, with the highly anticipated release of PvP armour and weapons! 

Thanks everyone.

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