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[14/07/2020] Game Updates - Bug fixes, Quality of Life updates, etc.
By 7 Dust - July 15th, 2020



More updates coming soon, but here's what we have for now!

  • Theater of blood changes/fixes:
    • Nylocas no longer agro on the waves portion of the room 
    • A bug has been fixed where Nylocas would get stuck on the ramp if attacking them
    • A safe spot during the waves of Nylocas has been fixed
    • Hands falling during Bloat will no longer fall in the same spot twice in a row
    • Sotetseg will no longer attack while his special nuke attack is out
    • Salve amulet now works properly on Bloat
    • You can no longer stand under Verzik when she is shooting her webs out during phase 3
    • Verzik webs will no longer damage the stunned player if the webs are attacked
    • A safespot for Maiden flinching has been fixed
    • Xarpus will now have a slight delay before his final enraged attack
    • Improved some of the drop rates for Theater of Blood unique drops
    • Implemented a message after completing Theater of Blood that says your chance at getting a unique drop
    • Uncharged scythe is now 2 handed
    • Vials of blood are now tradeable
    • Can now teleport after finishing spectating Theater of Blood
  • Chambers of Xeric:
    • Scaling has been improved depending on party size
    • Ice demon now takes the proper damage when attacking with fire spells
    • Vasa will now deal trample damage if you stand underneath her
    • A safespot during Vasa has now been patched
    • Vespula will now go into an enrage mode when attacking her portal
    • Reduced the Large Muttadile accuracy through prayer
    • Jewelled crabs will now change colours while being stunned if attacked
    • You should no longer get bird nests while in Chambers of Xeric
    • You will no longer receive coin caskets while in Chambers of Xeric


  • Dice host bag has been added to the in-game donator store for 2,499 donator points
  • Tick eating projectiles when fighting monsters should now work properly
  • Moved fairy fix-it closer to the home area
  • Statius warhammer can now be used on bandos door
  • Basilocked slayer task can now be unlocked
  • Vengeance other spell should now be working properly
  • Ground items should last longer for ironmen in instanced regions
  • Magic wardrobe in player owned homes now functions properly
  • Galvek and Brimhaven teleports have been added to the Vitality Wizard at home
  • Smithing interface fix for steel darts, arrows, and knives


  • Wilderness bosses, Glod and Skotizo, had some tweaking to their mechanics:
    • Top 5 highest damage dealers will now get a chance at a drop from the boss
    • Slight drop table rework to provide more incentive to kill these bosses, including adding PvP armor box and pet mystery box
  • PvP loot now has the most valuable loot on top when looting (based off item protection values)
  • Barrage freeze timer should now be working properly
  • AGS accuracy has been increased slightly
  • Autocasting saves for each staff
  • Aggression for monsters in the wilderness should now be working properly

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[07/07/20] Game Updates - Basilisk Knight's, Donator point scrolls, Karambwan fishing, Divine potions & more!
By Raw Envy - July 07th, 2020


I hope you all enjoy the latest batch of updates! Loads more coming soon, including a revamp of our Wilderness events. We're also working on ironing out any issues relating to lag. Great progress is being made and we've got loads planned real soon.   

  • Basilisk Knights:
    • Ironmen can now obtain one of the best helmets in the game!
    • Teleport added to get to Jormungand's Prison.
  • Karambwan and karambwanji fishing has now been added.
  • Ground items will be on floor for 1 minute instead of 30 seconds for ironmen.
  • Shayzien armour can now be obtained by completing the Lizard King achievement.
  • Ferocious gloves can now be crafted.
  • Super and regular antifire mixes and extended versions have now been added.
  • Bank tab collapsing option fixed.
  • Divine potions can now be created and consumed.
  • 3rd Age Druidic can now be obtained from master clue caskets and 3rd age mystery box's.
  • Christmas crackers can now be purchased on the store, guaranteeing a party hat when opened.
  • The correct defence animation is now shown on the final blow to a player.
  • The Dragonfire ward is now obtainable from super mystery box's and has the correct special etc.
  • The Theatre of Blood now shows on the drop table viewer.
  • Alchemical hydra and reg hydra kill  count is now tracked.
  • A hammer now spawns in the crab room in COX.
  • Super combat potions can now be created with Herblore.
  • DFS charging fix.
  • Swift blade and ham joint added to the vote point shop.
  • Chaos elemental timer decreased.
  • Herbs patches now grow faster.
  • Various other COX/TOB fixes.
  • Black masks can now be imbued.
  • The Dagannoth  Supreme now has its pet drop.
  • Peek option for corp and kraken cove.
  • Donator rank scrolls:
    • There are now 3 types of scrolls.
      • Donator scroll (100 points).
      • Super donator scroll (600 points).
      • Extreme donator scroll (2000 points).
    • Each  scroll will give you the relevant rank and add to your total amount donated.
    • You can now trade the store manager to spend your points.
    • There is a different shop for Ironmen and normal players.
    • Ironmen can still not donate for items, but you can use scrolls on them to give them points.
      • This should hopefully be resolved in the next update.




Thanks for reading!

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