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[03/06/20] Game Updates - Grand Exchange and loads more...
By Raw Envy - June 03rd, 2020


More updates coming soon, but here's what we have for now, I hope you enjoy! ūüėȬ†¬†

  • The long awaited Grand Exchange is here!
    • Sell items to the highest bidder.
    • Buy items that you need.
    • View the best offer on every item.
    • More item examines have been added to our item definitions.
    • Future updates: Optimisations and an offer viewer to show recent offers and offers by individual players.
  • Corporal beast updates:
    • The stomp attack has now been fixed, it will now only stomp when underneath.
    • Core hopping time has been delayed 1 tick.
    • Specials now save as long as a cannon is deployed or another person stays in the cave.
  • Cannon updates:
    • The cannon formulas have been reworked to now go off of your range bonus.
    • It should now count towards slayer tasks/boss kills as well.
  • Raids updates:
    • Farming should now work properly giving more herbs per plant rather than 0-3 on average should give 2-8.
    • Point gain rate has been increased leading to more points per raid (60k average solos instead of 45k).
    • Skeletal Mystics and Muttadile magic accuracy/damage decreased, shouldn't be hitting so hard and often through prayer now.
    • Scythe now properly hits Olm's melee hand on phase 2 rather than one hit deflecting to his head.
    • Certain point boosting exploits have been altered to no longer give insane point rates.
    • Black maps no longer occur.
    • Tekton range defence has been raised so you will have to kill it with melee now.
  • Other updates:
    • Random NPCs from other instances no longer show up in your current instance.
    • Deadly encounters achievement has been added (kill all wilderness bosses).
    • Zahur added to home, she will make unf potions for a cost.
    • Npcs in wild occasionally breaking and being unattackable has been fixed.
    • Teleblock now working 100% to OSRS.
    • Uri emote bug has been patched.
    • Auto-retaliate skull bug has been fixed.



Thanks for reading!

Vitality Management

June Announcement Post - Top lists reset, current update plan & more
By Raw Envy - June 01st, 2020


Hello everyone,

Firstly, as usual I hope you are all doing great and staying safe and a happy start of the month. Let's go boys (and girls)!

Vote Lists Reset:

With it being the start of the month, this can only mean one thing. Which is that voting top lists have been reset, so this month as everyone did an awesome job last month and got us to rank 4, we thought we would throw it out there that if we hold rank 3 or 4 this month again then we will be doing a MASSIVE DROP PARTY sometime this week, and enabling BONUS experience and Wilderness points for an entire week!

Upcoming Updates:

So as you all know we're constantly working on new updates, improvements and fixes daily. With us being a relatively new server still we're really grinding out as much as we can. The current updates that are in the works includes:

The Grand Exchange - This is now very close to being released, we are in the final stages of development and this could well be released within the next few days, or sooner.

Theatre of Blood - Similar to the Grand Exchange, this work has been ongoing and it now also very close to being released and expected to come shortly after the GE. We are working on making this as replicated to the real thing as possible, so you guys get the proper TOB experience.

Other new content - In terms of new content in the future we have loads of ideas. Some of this will be adding new OSRS content such as the Nightmare of Ashihama, grotesque guardians and more. Then we are also looking to add a mobile client, custom clan cup system, skilling points system and more.

Fixes and stability improvements -  As an on going update as to be expected, we are always looking to fix anything that isn't replicated to be how it should and also work on our stability when we have 500+ online.

Stay tuned for the above. And get voting for that drop party and bonus xp/wp!

Thanks for reading,

- Vitality management