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[28/09/20] Flower Poker, Server Stability, QOL Updates & More
By Joey - September 29th, 2020



Hello everyone, due to popular demand we've implemented Flower Poker gambling! You can visit the new gambling zone at ::Gamble or ::Flower, you can find more information below!

  • Flower poker has arrived to Vitality!
    • BWRP rules
    • Mithril seeds can be purchased at our online ::store, $1.50 / seed box (contains 10 mithril seeds)
    • Both items and cash can be gambling in flower poker
    • 60 second plant timer
    • Win / Loss Ratio and Plant Timer interface
  • Server Stability
    • Spawnable ground items will no longer show upon kills.
      • There is a toggle in the quest tab to re-enable this.
      • Lag issues with mass fights going on should no longer occur.
  • Vitality Lottery
    • The lottery now gives extra rewards based on the total size of the pot!
    • You can enter the lottery by speaking to the lottery manager in edgeville bank.
  • Vitality Tournaments
    • Tournaments now have increased rewards for coming in first, second, or third place.
      • First Place: 50M cash and a Super Mystery Box
      • Second Place: 25M cash and a Regular Mystery Box
      • Third place: 15M cash
  • Misc Updates, Improvements, & Bug fixes
    • DD in combat fixes
    • Stability fixes to LMS
    • You can no longer PJ fights in LMS
    • Vyre now accepted noted vials of blood
    • Recharge Dragonstone lunar spell now works
    • Pestilent Bloat can no longer be safe-spotted
    • The shop assistant at Varrock no longer attacks players
    • Monk of Zamorak spawn fixed in Taverly Dungeon
    • Black d'hide (g) and (t) now have the correct level requirements
    • You can now use tailsman on runecrafting altars
    • Zenyte bracelet fix
    • You will now receive xp drops after you reach maximum experience in a level
    • NPC's no longer attack you when answering a puzzle
    • ::skipclue command fix
    • Black d'hide (g) now has value
    • Turning a crystal seed into a crystal bow now gives the correct bow
    • Rune combinations are now properly working
    • Hydra slayer helmet counts as a facemask in smoke devil dungeon
    • Scythe of Vitur now charges with any vial of blood
    • Granite maul fixes
    • Fix when using platinum tokens on a bank booth
    • Ironman instance prices decreased by 50%, now cost 2.5m instead of 5m
    • Leaderboard fixes





[21/09/20] Last Man Standing, King of the Hill, Wilderness Key, Donator Benefits & tons more!
By Trick - September 21st, 2020




Hello everyone, apologies for the long delay in updates, however we have tons of quality updates to bring to you today! Mobile is still under development and we are getting close to releasing it, however that will come in a separate update!


  • Last Man Standing
    • Last Man Standing has arrived - a mini-game that is also referred to as LMS!
      • Competitive Mode has been implemented
      • Casual Mode has been implemented
      • 3-23 players may participate in a LMS game
      • Proper gear setup on entry alongside keys to open chests for gear upgrades
      • proper FOG mechanics for when you are meant to enter the final stage
      • LMS reward shop (points given based off placement)
  • Wilderness Key
    • Wilderness Key is a wilderness event that will spawn randomly around the wilderness
      • The Wilderness Key will spawn once every 6 hours
      • Upon picking up the Wilderness Key, you will instantly be red-skulled and tele-blocked until you escape the wilderness
      • You must be combat level of 126 to pick up the Wilderness Key
      • Upon escaping with the Wilderness Key, the key will disperse and you will be rewarded with a Super Mystery Box
  • King Of The Hill
    • The King Of The Hill event occurs every 5 hours
    • Upon announcement of the event, pirate flags will be displayed in the location the event is occurring
    • The clan that gets the most kills inside of the pirate flag boundaries will receive 50,000 wilderness points (Points go to the leader)
    • Any kills outside of the pirate flag boundaries will not count
  • Donator Benefits
    • Uber Donator Zone has now been implemented
      • Uber Donator Zone provides you with a 15% chance of getting extra ores/logs and so on.
    • Drop Rate Modifier
      • Godlike Donator = 7.5%
      • Uber Donator = 6%
      • Ultimate Donator = 4.5%
      • Extreme Donator = 3%
      • Super Donator = 2%
      • Regular Donator = 1% 
    • COX points lost on death
      • Godlike Donator = 25% less
      • Uber Donator = 20% less
      • Ultimate Donator = 15% less
      • Extreme Donator = 10% less
      • Super Donator = 5% less
      • Regular Donator = 0% less
    • COX extra points
      • Godlike Donator = 5%
      • Uber Donator = 4.5%
      • Ultimate Donator = 3%
      • Extreme Donator = 1.5%
      • Super Donator = 1%
      • Regular Donator = 0% 
    • Pest Control extra points
      • Godlike Donator = 5 points
      • Uber Donator = 4 points
      • Ultimate Donator = 3 points
      • Extreme Donator = 2 points
      • Super Donator = 1 point
      • Regular Donator = 1 point
    • Boss Event Drop Rate Increase
      • Godlike Donator = 10%
      • Uber Donator = 7.5%
      • Ultimate Donator = 5%
      • Extreme Donator = 4%
      • Super Donator = 3%
      • Regular Donator = 1.5% 
    • Special Attack Restore
      • 20 seconds instead of 1 minute for Godlike Donator
      • 25 seconds instead of 1 minute for Uber Donator
      • 30 seconds instead of 1 minute for Ultimate Donator
      • 35 seconds instead of 1 minute for Extreme Donator 
      • 45 seconds instead of 1 minute for Super Donator
    • More blacklist availabilities per donator rank
      • Godlike Donator - 6 extra slots
      • Uber Donator - 5 extra slots
      • Ultimate Donator - 4 extra slots
      • Extreme Donator - 3 extra slots
      • Super Donator - 2 extra slots
      • Regular Donator - 1 extra slot
    • Extra magic cape spellbook swaps
      • Godlike Donator - 6 extra swaps
      • Uber Donator - 5 extra swaps
      • Ultimate Donator - 4 extra swaps
      • Extreme Donator - 3 extra swaps
      • Super Donator - 2 extra swaps
      • Regular Donator - 1 extra swap
    • Instance prices per donator rank
      • Godlike Donator = 50% decrease
      • Uber Donator = 40% decrease
      • Ultimate Donator = 30% decrease
      • Extreme Donator = 25% decrease
      • Super Donator = 15% decrease
      • Regular Donator = 10% decrease 
    • ::Bank Command has been re-enabled for high-end donators
  • Miscellaneous Updates & Bug Fixes
    • Clan leaderboard & PvM leaderboard now work properly
    • Dragon limbs are now tradeable
    • Karambwan Spot added to donator zone
    • Granite Maul can now be toggled to instant special instead of waiting for another click
    • You can now toggle xp drops between damage dealt and OSRS xp drops
    • Death storage now covers all PvM Instances
    • Dagganoth Kings now have a private PvM Instance
    • Death storage has been placed at home
    • Lizard Shaman explosion range has been decreased
    • You are now able to leave ironman groups
    • Menagerie's room now lets you store/remove pets after the first build
    • Magic Wardrobes no longer need to be emptied to be removed
    • Wintertodt drop rate on unique drops has been increased
    • CoX fixes
    • Journal tab on attack tab has been fixed
    • Instance prices have been adjusted accordingly
    • Looting bag has been fixed to only store what it should
    • GWD cave entrance no longer nulls damage
    • All items now have place holders except dice bag
    • Mould crafting with gold bars has been fixed
    • Group Ironman storage area has been moved next to Adam by the furnace
    • Elder chaos robes now have a magic level required to equip them
    • Cosmic altar teleport has been fixed
    • Dwarf cannon no longer is destroyed in the kalphite lair, however it will not damage the queen
    • Mithril seeds now work if you are frozen in tournament
    • Abyssal demon teleporting has been fixed
    • Broad arrows on slayer rewards has been fixed
    • Corporeal beast no longer receives 100% of damage from dragon hunter lance
    • Corrupted scavenger room thieving no longer locks players
    • Tzhaar fight cave monsters are now aggressive all around the room
    • Giant mole is no longer unattackable after burrow
    • Jad healers are no longer aggressive
    • Farming, Fishing, hunter and max cape teleports have been added
    • Jak-meiJak attack projectile has been fixed
    • D'hide boots can be stored on costumes storage
    • Black mask (10) (i) can now be turned into slayer helmet (i)
    • Tournaments are now based on time of the day instead of after restart
    • Discord bot has been integrated for automatic announcements
    • Volatile special attack now works on Zulrah
    • Costume storages should have 100% functionality now
    • Pet storage now lets you withdraw pets
    • Hydra's leather is now tradeable